Winning Formulas for Sports Betting Strategies

A.Finding Arbitrage: Exploiting Minor Odds Adjustments in Sports Betting

For most major matches, the odds provided by major betting companies before the match are generally consistent, making it difficult to find arbitrage opportunities. However, during the course of a match, betting platforms may adjust the odds slightly to balance the distribution of betting funds. In such cases, there may be minor fluctuations in the odds across different platforms over a period of time. For example, the betting options could be as follows between two or three platforms: Home Win (1) $0.25 / 4.25; Draw (X) $0.15 / 6.75; Away Win (2) $0.60 / 1.76. By using software to quickly observe matches in progress and placing bets swiftly, one can exploit these opportunities in odds adjustment. However, such opportunities are rare and short-lived. Nevertheless, even slight fluctuations could result in a 1% profit, making these opportunities attractive to some professional investors.

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